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The Benefits of Meditation – by Kathy Kerby Guided Gifts Inc.

We often have people come into our store, Guided Gifts in Beamsville, asking what are the benefits of meditation.  Our number one response is “to get out of your head”.  So, what do we mean by that?  Well, in this day and age we live in a go go go world.  We have more stress due to intense jobs, increased commute times, more demands and less time.  Johnny has soccer, Sally has hockey, aging parents need help and somewhere in there you may be able to make that gluten free, organic chicken dinner you saw online...maybe.

Stress is detrimental to our mind, body and soul.  It can eat a person up, cause physical ailments and of course eat at us mentally.  Let’s face it, it is exhausting!  So, why not carve out 10 minutes a day for you?  Find that 10 minutes, because this really will make a difference in your entire life!  If you are a better you, then it will trickle into every aspect of your life. 

Start by finding a quiet place in your home, garden, even hide in your car if you have too.  Put on some relaxing music or guided meditation. Close your eyes, do some deep breathing and relax.  Just be with yourself.  Thoughts will pop into your mind, acknowledge them and move on.  You deserve to be a better you! 

Meditating as a family is also a wonderful practice.  This will help your children learn to regulate their emotions. It’s an activity that will give you time together and has wonderful outcomes.  A family that meditates together, is at peace together.  It is a wonderful foundation for better overall health for all of us.